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Discover The "Missing Link" To Soloing Around Your Drumset Like A High Velocity Tornado

(Previously Known Only To Cleveland's Anonymous 'Old School' Jazz Cat Born In 1928)

It All Happened At The Famous Bop Stop Where Drummers Were Eaten Alive By This Old School Jazz Cat.

Back in the day, the mecca of drummers from all over would come in droves to this little smokey jazz club in Cleveland called the BOP STOP. If you thought you had chops and could play... this was your stomping ground.

As a teenager, I was one of these drummers that would try to go there and impress everyone with my flashy chops. Of course I turned red in the face when I was eaten alive by these “old school” jazz cats that were well into their late 60’s and 70’s. Their playing, especially Harry Damas’s was as hot as firecrackers and I remember drooling to my friends, “It’s amazing to watch these seniors blaze’ around the kit like that… especially my drum teacher Harry.”

Yes, I was fortunate enough to be a student of the late great Harry Damas. Started when I was 6 with the man. An old school jazz cat that was hard as nails on the fundamentals. A decade goes by and we’re still together, but his hands start painfully developing degenerative arthritis. It was so bad that he could no longer play piano with his fingers… he had to use ALL KNUCKLES (and it still sounded amazing). And when it came to holding drumsticks, his hands were so clenched up like a vice that he could no longer use his fingers like he used to… BUT amazingly so, he could still tornado around the kit like a mad man.

So as I got older, I got more focused, and wanted to make my mark on the World. Harry was already a legend in the area for producing top notch drummers, it was time for me to start paying more attention to his lessons and figure out why he was so damn fast around the kit.

Here’s what I found out.

Joe pictured here in Ohio with his long time instructor and the master of soloing around your kit like a tornado...Harry Damas.

Harry Damas’ secret relied on your ARMS natural ergonomic motion to act like a bull whip. This was the “missing link” that allows you to practice less and guarantees you move around your kit with the velocity of a tornado. This is NOT the Moeller Technique or French Grip

(these methods rely on too much finger and wrist strength and is very one dimensional.)

Old School Jazz Cats Like Harry Damas And Even Buddy Rich Could Do More MAGIC On Just A Snare And Two Toms Than Drummers Today With Their 20 Piece Drumkits.

Think about it this way. Practicing Snare drum rudiments is a very 1-dimensional type of playing. A Drum set is three dimensional with all it’s multi angled cymbals and toms. Flowing around your drumset, requires a whole different set of muscles and fundamentals. And that’s the point. Fundamentals to flying around your kit that are just NOT taught anymore.

So yes there is a ton of information and incredible lessons on rudiments and snare drum speed out their, but very little on the sweet science of the ERGONOMICS to blaze around your kit like a tornado. At least not like Harry did. Degenerative arthritis and all.

But obviously you’re asking….

Why Haven't I Heard Of This SECRET Before?

For one simple reason. Jazz is dying AND… Rock is king. And with each passing year… the little known secrets of these “old school” jazz cats are being buried (if you know what I’m saying) and replaced by young “rock” instructors who think that just practicing rudiments every day FOR HOURS ON END will give you speed around the kit.

You Have To Admit That You Are At Least A Little Intrigued By The Magic Of How These Jazz Cats Could Physically Play More Notes With Less Strokes

Am i right?

I am very blessed to have personally studied with Harry Damas for almost three decades, and to share with you what he revealed to me about blazin’ around the kit like a tornado. It will give you the chops to scare seasoned drummers away (just like at the Bop Stop). So you gotta check out this exciting system that I put together that reveals everything I privately learned from the master himself.

Here’s the deal: You don’t need to be good already, you don’t have to play traditional (both match grip and tradition grip work) and you don’t need to spend hours, days or months conditioning and reconditioning your hands. You can have two left thumbs and be totally uncoordinated… and STILL learn the secret to tornado chops™ that will earn you INSTANT RESPECT anywhere you go. Guaranteed.

FINALLY, The Kind Of Wicked Speed and Ear Pleasing Melodies Around Your Drumset That Earn You Instant Respect!

Make no mistake – this is totally unique stuff that needs to be released to drummers of our time (in a very… and I mean very limited quantity of course). It’s all instantly available in my Tornado Chops Online Course.

Here’s what you’ll learn in each module.

MODULE #1 (valued at $99)

Drum Set Up Secrets

Discover the step by step secrets to making your drumset the most ERGONOMICALLY correct and “ready to fly” drum set in the world. You’ll learn:

  • The "heart shaped pattern" set up used to get you maximum speed

  • Secret snare drum positioning for... FASTER rim shots.

  • The Goldilocks Zone – the precise positioning of all your toms. Not too high, not too low, but just "here" if you want to fly from tom to tom more gracefully, powerfully and efficiently.

  • Positioning secrets of your drum throne. Understanding this specific seat height will give you a stronger back and core. Without a strong back, your drum solo skills will never reach their peak.

  • How a simple 6-inch change in your hand placement means the difference between a successful flurry of strokes around the toms or “muscling it” and getting injured.

  • Matched grip versus traditional grip. The pros and cons of each one. Yes my students play both traditional and match grip. But they understand their limitations and advantages.

  • Everything revealed on the right way to set up your drums that most drummers get wrong.

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    MODULE #2 (valued at $99)


    The second module reveals the real inside tips to soloing. If you want to dazzle your friends and feel like a pro behind your set, then this module is for you. It starts with super simple solo secrets like:

  • Did you know there are 3 specific positions your elbows must be in for the high, medium and low toms. This is one of the most “jealously guarded speed secrets” professional drummers refuse to tell anyone. Fully Diagrammed and Explained for the first time.

  • The extremely powerful Bull-Whip motion. It’s NOT Moeller or French Grip. It’s the motion used by “old school” jazz cats to tornado around the kit. Your speed will ignite faster than a spark plug… starting tonight.

  • "NEWTON Theory" explained. More speed with less effort. Flow Drills and how to correctly and precisely move around your drum set like a tornado.

  • How to instantly turn your hands into little “whirlwinds” capable of playing more notes with less strokes.

  • Why every drummer today over-EXTENDS their limbs and wastes motion. See how these jazz cats stayed locked into their own bodies magical 12” egg shaped pattern. Fully explained.

  • What these Old School jazz cats called the “BOMB SHELL”. It was used to finish off solos with standing ovations. Use it the next time you play out and watch what happens.

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    MODULE #3 (valued at $99)


    What Drum Solo series would be complete without practice tips and how to shave hours off your learning curve. In this module you will learn:

  • Perfect Practice Routines. Get more accomplished in a half hour than most drummers do in 4 hours.

  • How to use your brains Alpha & Beta brain waves to relax more while hitting speed records around the toms.

  • INTERVAL TRAINING. The pros little known secret to building up speed, power and control.

  • A 2-minute drill that immediately “locks in” hard core fundamentals for absolute drumming success.

  • The “Quarter Horse” timing drill that fixes the two most common problems when soloing.

  • At what speed should you practice and why.

  • Once you understand what to practice, for how long, and at what speeds… your drumming skills will go through the roof.

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    MODULE #4 (valued at $99)


    This special type of drill finally allows you to leapfrog over your competition and have jaw dropping drum solos pouring out of your limbs in less than a weekend. SOLVES the BIGGEST problems with the way most drummers practice:

    Let’s face it. Sometimes practicing and NOT jamming can be a little BORING. Just the idea of drilling just one sticking pattern over and over again for 45 minutes to an hour can be dull. 

    This "Chain Of Command" method is the exact opposite and it can literally burn insane drum solo techniques directly into your brain.

    It works like crazy because it’s been tested and refined over and over again at the highest levels of playing. With standing ovation success.

    Covered In This Module is:

  • The Family Grouping concept. How to take just 1 sticking pattern and make melodic multiple melodies around the toms.

  • The complete CHAIN of COMMAND drill.

  • The “Simon Says Game” with your rudiments. Takes the paradiddle and tornado’s around the kit with different colored CHAINED melodies you've never heard before. And more.

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    MODULE #5 (valued at $99)


    One of the things a master drummer will do is create such melodic solos that confuse drummers as they scratch their heads and wish they could do the same. I’m talking about “Overclocked Melodic Rudiments". You'll discover:

  • Insane Melodic solos you can learn in 11 minutes that would cause even pro players mouths to drop.

  • The flashy swiss triplet solo that builds your chops and over-clocks your speed..

  • Overclocked Rudiments!!! One simple tweak makes them 3 times faster.

  • Go Turbo! Release the brakes off your hands using just these three sticking patterns.

  • Don’t play another rudiment until you understand the “OCEAN” principle.

  • And more...

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    ***3 BONUS Modules

    (VALUED AT $49x3=$147 YOURS FREE)

    Why Haven't I Heard Of This SECRET Before?

    In memory of Harry Damas who passed away in 2010, I decided to do

    3 special modules highlighting in more detail, all of the sweet nuances

    of the Tornado Chops System.

    These were something I dedicated to Harry Damas as a thank you for being such an amazing drum instructor who believed in such strong fundamentals. includes secrets like:

  • Linear vs Circular motion – which one to use on each specific tom and why.

  • 6”, 9” and 12” circles of velocity – going from snare - to tom - to cymbals - and back again without a drop of sweat. The real reason why these legendary jazz cats were so fast.

  • Find out why Buddy Rich was so freakin’ fast? Yes he had great fingers and wrists but there’s one “missing link” that you’ve never been told… until now.

  • A little known seating position that will have you in perfect alignment with your set.

  • The thumb… you can really gain more velocity by moving it to this position on the stick. Hint. It turns your thumb into an “afterburner” that allows you to increase volume and speed with no extra effort.

  • You’ll gain a new enthusiasm for playing you never thought you’d see.

  • The 3 “old school” sticking patterns – never explained like this. They allow you to stop practicing while you’ll still fly around the toms. You could literally go on a one year vacation, come back and still move around the kit like a tornado.

  • The most ergonomic way to move around the toms… guaranteed.

  • And lots more.

  • So Just Imagine The Gorgeous Solos You'll Be Able To Play When You Learn To Tornado Around Your Kit.

    30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

    If for WHATEVER reason at all you're not completely satisfied with my program (even if you don't like the sticks I use) I will give you your money back - no questions asked - simple as that.

    I Am Re-Releasing This On The 10yr Anniversary Of Harry Damas' Passing.

    It Is A Memorial To The Gifts That Mr. Damas Gave To The World Of Drumming.

    When I first released the Tornado Chops™ System, about 20yrs ago that package sold for $99 and included 2 cd’s and a 1 hr video. Well obviously times have changed, drummers had more questions, so I created an updated lifetime access, online course.

    You'll get to see the original material as well as all the new updated material.

    Now, I could offer it for the cost of a new snare since it will be the last lesson you will ever need on moving around your kit like a tornado. But you won’t have to pay that.

    In fact there’s going to be a lot of big name drummers that will be mad at me releasing this “all secrets revealed” Tornado Chops™ package, because it instantly puts you in the same class as them, for less than the cost of a few private lessons.

    MODULE 1: Drumset Up Secrets: $99

    MODULE 2: Soloing: $99

    MODULE 3: Interval Training: $99

    MODULE 4: Chain Of Command: $99

    MODULE 5: Overclocked Rudiments: $99

    Tornado Chops Book: Drills & Exercises: $29

    3 BONUS MODULES: Tribute To Harry Damas: $147 $FREE

    TOTAL VALUE: $671 JUST $299

    1x fee - Instant & Lifetime Access


    What Pro and Weekend Drummers Are Saying!

    I recently bought your Tornado Chops package because I was curious to see if it could give me the chops of some of my favorite drummers – Mike Portnoy and Danny Carey. I got to say… I was able to double my speed and fluidity around my drum set. My band mates asked me how I was able to get faster. I told them and they said it sounds like Joe Ballistic knows how to turn your into an animal. What a compliment. I look forward to getting even faster, like those old school jazz cats and dusting the competition.”

    Brett Mason

    I’m a Berklee Graduate, and professional drummer for over 28 years. Needless to say, I was skeptical when I read Joe's ads in Modern Drummer and Drum magazine. And when I listened to his free CD and read through the testimonials from well-known drummers, I did what most people do… NOTHING. But I kept listening and eventually I thought, “what the heck,” I’ll try it out and see what happens. I figured if Joe was full of it, at the very least I could let my students now that it was bull and prevent any of them from being taken for a ride. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Joe’s methods work. I made the changes to my kit and already I saw an improvement in the ease and efficiency of my playing. I was able to use the Tornado Chops techniques immediately. I am teaching my students this method because it has them blaze around the kit."

    Paul Stowell

    The day I got your Tornado Chops Package, I watched the video and one hour later I was already doing some of the things in it. It is an amazing concept that is easy to learn. I would like to thank you for putting all these amazing concepts out there for people like me to learn. I can’t find anything like your videos. I am blown away by the Tornado Chops and can’t wait to see what you have coming out next.”

    Bob Carroll

    Right from the start I was blown away by the concepts you taught in the Tornado Chops package. I had to jump on my set right away to try them out.  Now a month later, I am able to tornado all over every piece of my set. It’s no wonder why those Jazz guys were still amazing at 80 years old. You definitely changed the way I play.  The results are AWESOME!"

    Eric Kempf


    Your Tornado Chops package is awesome. I figured out more stuff watching this video than any other video I have watched or book I’ve read. Being a huge Neil Pert and John Bonham fan, I discovered how they do some of the stuff that they manage to pull off. Your video really cleared up a lot of things I’ve been wondering about. Thanks and keep the stuff coming."

    Dave Huduck

    In the past, any material that I ordered from you turned out to be pure gold - so you can guess that I did not hesitate to order your Tornado Chops system. I studied the material and I was quit frankly amazed that something so simple could become so potent a tool in a drummer's bag of tricks. The concepts were easy to grasp and beautifully simplistic. Applying them takes a bit more work, but nothing worth having comes easy. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me, I feel nothing but inspired."

    Dan Marin

    To be honest, I can tell that this is some pretty crazy stuff. It helped me out almost instantaneously. I was a big fan of how you spelled everything out in its simplicity on the video. You allowed the material to be learned and understood at a pace that could be followed by anyone much like the other material I bought from you, Ballistic Bass Drumming and the One Handed Roll.”If it were up to me I’d only show this information to your 'Ballistic Drummers' NOT the general public. I pride myself on being a good drummer, I’ve won drummer of the year and I love finding new techniques to have up my sleeves such as the Tornado Chops package.“I haven’t told anyone about the lessons I purchased from you, including the obvious “Ballistic Bass Drumming, One Hand Roll, Isotonik System and now the Tornado Chops for the reason that I don’t play to be shown up by every other drummer with $300 for a kit and a pair of sticks. Keep doing what you’re doing and know that crazies like me really appreciate it."

    Travis James Vadnais

    Outstanding.  For starters the 'imploding principle' answered a lot of questions. It is much simpler and it is easy to learn, much better than those crazy sticking pattern books that do nothing but confuse you.The elbow method RULES! It helps build momentum and speed. Also liked what you did with the thumb and wrists. I am hooked on this stuff. My favorite drummers are Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, and John Bonham. Now I know how they did it. It is cool to see how these jazz cats discovered these techniques. Keep on Rockin."

    David Potts


    Wow! Your tornado chops material is awesome. And that's just the start. It has improved my speed and confidence. The way you break things down makes learning easy. I am 59 years young and I feel like I am playing like I am 21 again. What a find you have been. Keep it up."

    John Ludwig

    You're video's are by far the best teaching video's I've seen. You teach things so well without making me feel dumb. Thank you so much for all that you do for the drumming world."

    Graham Petersons

    You did a great job explaining the material and demonstrating exactly what you were doing. When I went downstairs and sat behind my kit and tried it, it enlightened me a little bit for somereasons. I realized that I'd seen drummers doing exactly what you are doing in solos and I always asked myself 'How could they possibly be doing all that?' but what you've shown me has made mebelieve that with some practice, I could be doing what I've seen Buddy Rick and Dennis Chambers doing."

    Kyle Shook

    The tornado chops program has given me noticeable results in flying all the way around my kit. The concept is so simple and easy to grasp. If it were up to me, I'd tell you to sell this idea to aselect, and I mean a very select few people. I feel like now I can reach speeds with complete control that were not possible before. I can't wait to wow the local drummers."

    Jake Rugg

    Joe's material on developing your hands and soloing will blow you away with it's simplicity and power. You will smoke the competition. Stop wasting your time trying to develop boring rolls around your toms. This teaches you the secret techniques to flying around the toms with ease and not breaking a sweat.

    This will easily put you in a new and unique level above anyone else. Seriously, take the chance to be different, to be refreshed and excited again about playing drum and don't forget MUSIC!!!"

    Angel Anguiano

    Tornado Chops is part of Ballistic Drumming University.


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